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Warning Lights

Warning lights are the way that monitored systems alert a car owner that there is a problem with the mechanics of his or her car.  Late-model cars have a multitude of sensors.  They measure many different operational factors and communicate issues via dashboard lights.  When a sensor detects that something measured is outside a predetermined range, the light is illuminated.  It's very important to trust the warning lights on a car and have a reputable mechanic check it out.  Continuing to drive your vehicle when there is an underlying problem with one of the mechanical systems can lead to damage.  That damage can cost much more than the repair of the initial issue. 

On late model cars, the illumination of a warning light by the internal system is paired with the storage of a code that indicates what caused the problem.  This allows a mechanic with the proper diagnostic equipment to perform a check and then make the exact right repair.  In some instances, the codes accompanying the warning light don't conclusively detail what the problem is.  But they give a good indication of what could be the cause.  A warning light of a battery symbol would indicate a problem with the electrical system.  This would help steer the mechanic to check the battery, alternator, or other electrical components.  Likewise, an illuminated picture of a temperature gauge would direct an auto repair technician to inspect the vehicle's cooling system or check for fluid leaks

Mobile Mechanic Master is an expert at determining the exact vehicle problem as well as general auto repair services for those in the city of Orange and surrounding areas.  Call us today with any lit-up warning lights on your car or truck.  

Photo of the various vehicle dashboard warning lights informing a driver to have their car checked out.
Photo of vehicle warning light indicators.
Photo of warning light stating "Service Engine Soon".
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