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Auto Belts and Hoses Repair

Mobile Mechanic Master makes auto belts and hoses repair calls often.  We know just what to do to minimize the time that you're down and stuck on the road.  Since vehicles depend greatly on all the various systems that are powered by either multiple belts or a singular serpentine belt, it's critical that you take care of belt failure or even an issue with a worn or frayed one.  Things like the alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump, and the water pump are all powered by fan belts.  When one of them breaks, your car can quickly become inoperable.  Having an experienced mobile mechanic to make auto belts and hoses repair to get you up and running is a convenience saving you time money and hassles. 

Likewise, a blown hose can leave your car without life-sustaining coolant and unable to be properly cooled.  Catastrophic engine problems can come about from an engine that can't be cooled.  Make sure you call us at the first sign of a belt or hose problem and know that a certified technician will be there to resolve your issue.

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Automobile Belt Repairs

Auto belt replacement by Mobile Mechanic Master can be done in usually less than an hour and will ensure that your car or truck won't break down due to belt failure.  Cars and trucks used to use a few belts to power things like the AC compressor, alternator, power steering pump, and other things.  Today things are much different and much more efficient.  Gone are the days of multiple belts.  Newer vehicles utilize a single serpentine belt that weaves its way around the various pulleys of all the accessory powered subcomponents in your car.  It's much simpler, can all run in a single plane, and only require a single tensioning instead of several.  The only downside is that if the belt breaks, your car will likely become inoperable very quickly.  It's important to keep your eye on the condition of your serpentine belt and replace it at regularly scheduled intervals.

Photo of mechanic making repair of worn serpentine belts & hoses for North Tustin customer by a mobile auto repair technician.

Vehicle Hose Repairs

If you notice fluid under your car or if your temp gauge or check engine light comes on, make sure to have your hoses inspected.  Mobile Mechanic Master has found that cracked and leaking hoses contribute to overheating problems in many instances.  The hoses are integral in moving super hot engine coolant from the engine to the radiator where it's cooled before being pumped back into the engine.  If your car loses coolant due to a leaking hose, your car will overheat and engine damage is likely.  Often a very close inspection is necessary to find the tiny leaks that over time, drain your car's cooling system of coolant.  You can avoid costly engine repair expenses by making sure your hoses are in tip-top condition.  Call us to have your hoses checked out at your home or office today.

Repair of worn hose as a part of belts & hoses repairs for a car in Tustin, CA