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Brakes and Suspension Repairs

Our mobile mechanic team is very knowledgeable about all makes and models brakes and suspension repairs.  We make these repairs as well as perform tune-ups and vehicle inspections often.  We all know how important the brakes on your car are and that it's critical to ensure they're in proper condition to keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way.  

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Brake Repairs

Brake repairs by Mobile Mechanic Master are some of our most provided services for customers in Orange and neighboring cities.  How will you know when your brakes need servicing?  Usually, a loud grinding sound is made from metal on metal condition.  This occurs when the disk or drum pads wear through the fibrous material that's designed to contact the rotors or the drums. Once it wears through, only the metal backing remains and begins rubbing.

That scraping noise initially can be from a little metal tab that acts as a warning device alerting you that your brakes need servicing.  Any metal on metal contact will damage the disk rotor or drum.  For some model cars and very minor wear, the rotors and drums can be turned to get some additional useful life from them.  But in today's world, the cost of replacement rotors and drums so closely matches the cost of

Photo of Mobile Mechanic Master technician, Justin, repairing brakes and suspension.

machining the worn ones, that customers usually just opt for new rotors or drums.  Occasionally, our mechanics see issues with the calipers for disk brakes and wheel cylinders for drum brakes.  Both systems also utilize a master cylinder which forces the brake fluid to the individual wheels.  Late-model brake systems are designed so well that the master cylinders last a very long time.  Eventually, the seals fail and a rebuild or replacement is called for.

Shock and Strut Repairs

If your car or truck is not handling well, reacts strangely to bumps on the road, or you notice that your tires are wearing unevenly, you probably need new shocks, struts, or a front end alignment.  Have the experts at Mobile Mechanic Master take a look at your suspension problems and replace your shocks and struts today.  Performing shock and strut repairs and replacements are a frequent city of Orange repair service our mobile mechanics provide and will allow you to have confidence that your car or truck will react in predictable ways when you encounter road irregularities.

Photo of strut replacement on Orange, California customer's auto as part of brakes and suspension repair.