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Cooling System Repairs in Orange, CA

Cooling system repairs are a common service issue with all cars.  Whether it's the radiator, water pump, thermostat, or cracked and leaking hoses, your vehicle's cooling system has many components that are integral to the entire cooling system that ensures that your engine won't get damaged by excessive heat.   Even if your vehicle isn't suffering from a part failure, you should flush your system and replace the coolant every couple of years.  Call the experts at Mobile Mechanic Master, where we can handle all of these things as well as other mechanical issues whether it's with your engine, brakes, or chassis. 

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Radiator Repairs

Mobile Mechanic Master makes radiator repairs on late model cars and trucks when leaks are present that cause the system to lose coolant.  We'll be able to help you determine by a visual inspection how bad the radiator's condition is and if it can be repaired (welded) or if it needs to be replaced.  On many late model autos, radiators begin to have problems after about 8 years.  An auto's radiator is the heart of the cooling system and wears out just like most other parts.  Vibrations, as well as stresses from torsional forces transmitted up through the chassis when driving on bumpy roads, expansion and contraction from hot-cold temperature changes, and corrosion from mineral deposits from unpure water slowly eat away at some of the areas where the metal is thin or where there's a weld, and eventually, small pinholes open up.

Photo of new radiator installation as part of cooling system repairs.

Water Pump Repairs

Water pump failures demand immediate repair as catastrophic engine damage can occur if neglected.  Your water pump moves almost a million gallons of water through your cooling system in four years or 60,000 miles and when it fails, it's imperative to get it fixed ASAP.   When a water pump fails, it won't move the coolant through the system and your engine will overheat.  If the overheating is bad enough, head gaskets can blow and heads (especially aluminum) can warp.  You don't want that to happen as those are very expensive engine repair services.  Make sure you have your water pump checked during your regular service intervals.  It's also recommended to replace all belts and hoses at the same time so that your cooling system is reliable.

Photo of new water pump installed for 2003 Ford Mustang that needed cooling system repairs.

Cooling System Hose Repairs

Cooling system hose repairs are usually a pretty simple and straightforward repair service that can easily be handled in the field.  The leaking of an upper hose doesn't require a coolant drain and can usually be handled in less than an hour.  A lower hose leak means that a Mobile Mechanic Master making a hose repair will have to drain the coolant from the system before replacing the hose.  This adds to the cost as you'll want to replace the old coolant with new coolant as well as distilled water.  You should have your hoses checked out whenever your car is getting scheduled maintenance or a tune-up.

This photo shows how the cooling system repairs needed for this Anaheim, CA, resident was the replacement of a broken cooling hose.