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Electrical Auto Repair Services in Orange

Mobile Mechanic Master is very experienced with electrical system malfunctions and repairs as those are the most common service requests we get.  Electrical systems of modern vehicles are a complex system of circuits and components that monitor and control almost every facet of how a car operates.  From engine performance to subtleties with cab lighting, sound systems, and internet connectivity, the electrical system of the 21st-century car is critical to the vehicle's operation.  Newer autos also have logging systems that help to identify when there are problems and usually convey those problems through dashboard warning lights, advising drivers to take corrective actions.  If you get a warning light indicating something's amiss, make sure that you take care of it right away.  Ignoring these types of warnings could lead to irreparable damage to your car or truck.  You should immediately call us and have the problem assessed and the repair made so you don't find yourself stranded on the road.  You can trust that a Mobile Mechanic Master technician is knowledgable and skilled in dealing with whatever electrical problem or auto repair service needs your car has. 

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Battery Repairs

Dead batteries happen to everybody.  Why?  Because a battery has a useful lifespan.  Once the battery has been charged and discharged too many times, it fails.  Batteries are like a sponge that, finally, over time, just can't be squeezed anymore.  We see issues with dead batteries quite often and make many replacements each month.  If your car won't start, your battery might be dead.  We'll send out a technician to load test your battery and if it's dead, get the proper replacement and make the repair, usually in less than an hour.  You'll be back on the road before you know it.

Photo of Mobile Mechanic Master performing auto battery replacement in Orange, California.

Alternator Repairs

Failed alternators are another cause for batteries to be discharged and unable to start your vehicle.  A bad alternator often presents as a dead battery as the symptoms are the same-your car just won't start.  But the cause is completely different.  The alternator charges the battery as the engine runs.  If there's no electricity being put back into the battery, the battery won't do its job.  Mobile Mechanic Master will test the alternator to make sure that your battery isn't just discharged because it's worn out, but because the alternator is bad.  Being able to determine the cause of the dead battery is critical to making sure that the repair is the correct one.  In rare instances, a bad alternator can cause a weakened battery to fail entirely, leaving BOTH items needing replacement.

Photo of alternator replacement for Villa Park, California resident by mobile auto repair mechanic.

Starter Repairs

Starters are nothing more than an electric motor that spins a gear that engages with the vehicle's flywheel to turn the engine over.  Often connected to the starter motor is the starter solenoid which is a small but powerful electric relay that energizes the starter motor when the key is turned.  The solenoid, in powering the starter motor, also functions to push the starter gear forward so that it engages with the gear teeth on the engine flywheel.  Symptoms of a bad starter motor/solenoid are a "click, click, click" sound when the key is turned.  This can also be due to a bad battery not supplying the necessary cranking amps to the starter.  You'll need a professional to diagnose just what your car's problem is and Mobile Mechanic Master has professional, certified mechanics that can make that determination so that the correct repair is made.

Photo of mobile mechanic replacing a starter for a Santa Ana, California customer.