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Fluid Leak Repair Services in Orange

Dealing with fluid leak repairs is something that Mobile Mechanic Master takes very seriously.  The effects of even a small leak can make for big problems.  When you notice fluid leaks, don't ignore them.  Besides the mess that it makes in your garage or on your driveway, fluid leaks can cause serious engine damage or other vehicle problems if left unattended.  Different types of fluid are utilized within separate subsystems in today's automobiles.  Whether it's engine oil, engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or windshield washer fluid, they all are contained in closed systems.  When any of those develop a leak, those system's functions can be compromised. 

In the case of engine oil and coolant, loss of enough of either can lead to catastrophic engine damage.  Also, fluid leaks can often get thrown around the engine compartment by the cooling fan.  This makes a sticky and oily mess out of everything in the engine compartment.  Then, road dust and dirt will stick to all those now oily surfaces and make things even worse. 

Our team will help with any types of fluid leaks you may experience as well as all other kinds of automotive service important for your car's upkeep.

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Coolant Leak Repairs

Coolant leaks are usually due to cracked or broken hoses or clamps, or from leaking water pumps.  When an engine loses coolant, the engine can overheat and cause damage.  That damage can show as blown head gaskets or warped or cracked heads, especially if they're made out of aluminum.  If you see coolant puddled under your car or you see it leaking make sure to take care of it right away.  Mobile Mechanic Master offers repair services for coolant leaks, water pump replacement, and coolant flushes for all vehicle makes and models.

Photo of coolant leaking from a late model Toyota car in Cowan Heights, CA.

Oil Leak Repairs

Oil leak repairs are needed when you have engine oil leaking from an engine.  This is usually due to a failing gasket, leaking rear main seal, or leaking drain bolt crush washer.  Our mechanics are experts at discerning exactly where the leak is coming from and then making the repair.  When an engine that's losing oil loses enough of it, lubrication to the bearings stops.  Then serious and expensive damage will occur needing engine repairs.

Photo of oil leaking from oil pan of Ford F150 in Orange, CA.

Other Leak Repairs

There are other systems that can be the source of leaks.  Your power steering system uses power steering fluid.  It's red, as is automatic transmission fluid.  Brake fluid is clear and allows the hydraulic braking system to function.  Your differentials use gear oil and it's similar to engine oil.  Keep an eye out for leaks and take notice of the area where you normally park.  You'll first spot fluid leaks there.

Photo of power steering leaking from late model silver car in Orange, California.