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Drivetrain Repairs

Drivetrain repairs mean mechanical fixes done to the group of components that supply power to the driving wheels.  The drivetrain is a subset of the powertrain which commonly includes the engine and the transmission.  Mobile Mechanic Master makes repairs to all the drivetrain components that typically wear out.  Components like the clutch, cv joints, and u joints (sometimes written u-joints) are things that wear out over time and need repair.  Our certified mechanics are experienced in all types of driveline repairs as well as any other automotive repair services in the city of Orange.  Give us a call and get your car or truck back on the road today.

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Clutch Repairs

Clutch repairs are a part of complete drivetrain corrections that Orange's best mobile auto repair service makes on a regular basis.  A vehicle's clutch transfers the rotational force of the engine to the transmission.  Clutches have a pressure plate and driven disc, both of which are replaced when it's time for a new clutch.  Clutch replacements are not a do-it-yourself repair as the transmission has to be removed to gain access to the bell housing, where the clutch is housed.

Photo of Mobile Mechanic Master technician removing a vehicle's clutch.

CV Joint Repairs

A car's cv joint is similar to the driveshaft but is for front-wheel-drive cars and is another drivetrain repair we often make.  When a cv joint goes out, it usually makes a lot of clunking sounds and can leave you stranded on the road. Make sure you heed any clunking sounds and have them repaired immediately.

The repair or replacement of a cv joint can be an involved process.  You must take apart some of the components that support the wheel to get adequate access to it.  Things like the strut, ball joint, wheel, and hub have to be considered.  Other components must be inspected carefully if the cv joint was problematic for a while.  Often the wheel bearing gets damaged from the excess play of the sloppy cv joint.   If your car or truck is not handling well, reacts strangely to bumps on the road, makes clicks or a clunking sound especially when turning, make sure your cv joints are in good order so you don't have a breakdown.

Photo of cv joint repair.

U-Joint Repairs

The easiest drivetrain repairs on a vehicle are u-joint repairs.  Much like a bad cv joint, a worn u-joint will make clunking sounds when you go from drive to reverse or park.  That's a signal that there's excessive play in the needle bearings.  Mobile Mechanic Master technicians know just how to handle u-joint replacements and will get you squared away with just a simple phone call.

Photo of u-joint in driveshaft repaired by mobile auto mechanic.