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Fuel System Repairs

Fuel system repairs are a common issue with all cars.  From simple things like clogged fuel filters to problems with fuel injectors, carburetors, or in-tank fuel pumps, your system will probably detect any problems and alert you with warning light indicators.  If you get a warning light or notice some of the tell-tale symptoms of any fuel system issues, call us; Mobile Mechanic Master handles them all as well as most other mechanic services.

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Fuel Injection Repairs

You'll probably know by the way your car runs (or doesn't run) that your car needs fuel system repairs.  For vehicles with fuel injection, this likely means that the fuel injection nozzle is clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.  The symptoms of clogged or faulty fuel injector nozzle can be a whole list of things like rough running, difficult starting, surging or bucking, poor fuel economy, failed smog check or emissions, and a rough idle.  Mobile Mechanic Master technicians can get your fuel injector system working properly and the results will be very noticeable.  If the problem is just dirty fuel blocking the nozzle orifice, sometimes chemical cleaners will work to clear them.  Other times, they have to be removed and blown out with compressed air, or replaced if faulty.  As they're also controlled electronically, in some instances, the problem resides in the electronic system communicating to the fuel injectors when and how much fuel to spray.  These signals are all driven by environmental information like barometric pressure which determines how much fuel needs to be sprayed into each nozzle to properly match with the amount of available air.  When the air is thinner, like at altitude, adjustments in the fuel spray is adjusted by the system.

Photo of fuel injection repair.

Carburetor Repairs

If you have an older vehicle that uses a carburetor, and you notice it not starting easily running rough or surging when you're driving down the road, or excessive smoking, your carburetor might need some love.  Older cars and trucks use carburetors that can become dirty over time which can block or compromise any of the many circuits in it that make your vehicle run properly.  Carburetors can be extremely complicated with capabilities to mix and atomize a large amount of fuel and air for certain vehicles with large displacement engines.  Call us to help you resolve your carbureted vehicle problem and we can either perform a rebuild of the existing carb or sometimes just replace the entire unit.  The difference in the way your vehicle runs will be stunning.

Photo of mechanic tuning an car's carburetor.

Fuel Pump Repairs

Many modern cars, trucks, and SUVs have fuel pumps that are mounted inside the fuel tank.  When your fuel pump goes out, access to the fuel pump must be available.  On some vehicles, the only way to access it is to remove the tank.  We make this repair and replace fuel pumps a number of times each year and are very familiar with all the things needed to be done and the proper order to make the job go smoothly.  If you have a vehicle and it won't start, in some instances a bad fuel pump is the problem.  Let Mobile Mechanic Master make your fuel pump repair to get you back on the road fast.

Photo of fuel pump being removed from fuel tank to be replaced by mobile auto repair mechanic.